Can You Repair a Section of Roof Shingles?

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Shingle Roof Repair Usually Easy, Inexpensive

Shingle roofing is common for homes in the Shreveport, LA area. It is a basic roofing material that provides the protection needed from the different elements and the various types of weather. Fortunately, when those various types of weather strike, any damage to a shingle roof, repairs are usually easy and inexpensive.

When you need shingle roof repair in Shreveport, LA, look to the licensed and insured professionals at Triumph Roofing and Construction. We offer full-service roofing and can be reached at 318-674-PROS(7767) to schedule a service call.

What type of weather causes damage to asphalt roofing?

Roofing is exposed to the elements and weather 24/7/365. This protects your family and home from danger and harm from extreme shifts in the temperature as well as the following four forces that can leave a homeowner needing shingle roof repairs or replacement:

  • Hailstones

When hailstones hit an asphalt shingle roof, granules are knocked off, and shingles are loosened or knocked off, leaving the shingle base and what is under the shingles exposed. The degree of damage depends on the density, size, and velocity the hailstones hit the roof. If there is any amount or size of damage, asphalt shingle roof repairs or replacement should be addressed sooner rather than later to minimize further damage.

  • Hard, High Wind

When severe storms come through the Shreveport, LA area, often wind storms are included. This can damage and rip off shingles, and even sections of roofing completely.  In addition to needing shingle roof repairs from this damage, it can also jeopardize the structure’s integrity.

  • Hard Rain

With storms come rain and when the storm is strong, the rains get hard and come in abundance. If the hailstones and wind have loosened or knocked off any shingles, the rain will get underneath the shingles and the other roofing materials, seeping into the roofing deck. When roof repairs are ignored or postponed, it can create wood rot, mildew, mold, and extensive damage to the roof structure.

  • Hot, Strong Sun Rays

When it isn’t raining or storming in Shreveport, LA, there is a bright hot sun with UV rays baking any shingle roof. Over time, repairs are often needed after the UV rays have baked the shingles to the point they are dried out and easily broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged.

Is just a section of roof shingle repairs sufficient?

If the damage is less than 25% of the total surface area, yes, repairing just a section of shingles is usually sufficient.  If over 25% of the total roof surface is damaged, it is recommended to have a new roof installed.

Important notes: When getting just part of a shingle roof repaired, the color of the new shingles won’t be the same as the existing shingles. Moreover, insurance companies often recommend replacing the entire roof for durability.

How do you patch a roof with shingles?

As a homeowner, once a significant weather event has passed, you should walk around your home to check for damage.  If there is a small, damaged area, like a few shingles missing, you might be able to repair the roof yourself. This all depends on your experience with roofing and construction and whether or not you have the right tools and materials to patch the roof.

To patch the roof, here are the tools and materials needed:

  • Hammer
  • Ply bar with one flat end
  • Ladder
  • A package of roof shingles
  • 1¼ inch galvanized roofing nails
  • Waterproof roof sealant

With your supplies in hand, follow these steps for shingle roof repairs:

  • Find Replacement Shingles

After you have found an area where repairs are needed, check your garage for any spares. In most cases, when a roofing job is complete, there will be some left over. If there isn’t any, take a part of a shingle to your local home improvement or hardware store to purchase a bundle that matches as closely as possible.

  • Remove the Damaged, Old Shingles

Next, climb up a ladder, carrying a prybar and enough shingles to cover the area needed. Slide the flat end of the pry bar under the shingle to break the adhesive seal. Then locate the nail that held the shingle down and remove it using the prybar.

  • Attach a New Shingle

With the old shingle out of the way, slide the new shingle into place and install 4 nails across the top of the tab to hold the shingle in place.

  • Check the Surrounding Shingles

Check the surrounding shingles and make sure they are nailed in place.

  • Apply Roof Sealant

Next, apply a bead of waterproof roof sealant over the nail heads and press down firmly. Once this task is complete, you will have successfully patched your roof.

If you feel less than confident about making the repair, never hesitate to call a licensed and insured professional like Triumph Roofing and Construction.

Shingle Repair and Roof Insurance Claims

If your home in Shreveport, LA has suffered damage to the shingle roof, repairs or replacement may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Once you have discovered the damage, call a roofing contractor for an inspection and quote.  Then call your insurance company and file a claim.

The insurance company will assign an adjuster to your claim who will schedule an appointment to do their inspection. If possible, have your roofing contractor there during that appointment.  The insurance adjuster is there in the best interest of the insurance company. The roofing contractor is there for you.

It’s in your best interest to complete the job that the insurance claim has been approved for. Should you decide to use that money for other matters and have future roof damage, your claim could be denied, and possibly your policy canceled.

For experts in shingle roof repair and roof insurance claims in Shreveport, LA, look to the professionals at Triumph Roofing and Construction. You can reach our licensed and insured team to schedule an appointment today by calling 318-674-PROS(7767).

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